Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday Fun

Lil Bit sitting in the cat tree. She does  like
to have a good time.
She does enjoy the top of the Sleepypod.
This is a box and a bed. What could be better
than that. She says, I am a senior citizen so
I can do whatever I want to do.
Two Two is about the same. I have her on my bed now
with the electric blanket on and hoping the heat
will help her heal.
We sure thank everyone so so much for all
 the purrs and prayers.
Happy Friday to all.


  1. Lil Bit, you're such a cutie pie! We're sending purrs and prayers to dear Two Two and we hope that heat helps. Y'all get ready to pile on the blankies, it looks like a big ice storm coming late this weekend...keep that cell phone charged up while you can. Hugs.

  2. We just heard about Two Two and are sending tons of purrs and prayers to her.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Look like Lil Bit can be comfy anywhere. Sending love to Two Two.

  4. Love this "I am a senior citizen so I can do whatever I want to do." heheh!

    My prayers also for Two Two but she sounds comfortable

    Have a nicetastic weekend :-)

  5. Poor little Two Two. We will purr for her.

  6. Yes seniors can do whatever they want. Lit Bit is doing just that.

    Thanks for the update on Two Two. She's in my prayers.

    Have a purrfect Fun and Feline Friday. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

  7. Looks like Lil Bit has found all the fun spots!

    Sending love to Two Two.

  8. I hope the heat helps TwoTwo with her pain.
    Lil Bit looks very comfy in her beds.

  9. Yes, there are perks to being a senior! So sorry Two Two is in such pain. Comforting purrs and hugs.

  10. Seniors should rule the house. We're glad Lil Bit has comfy beds.

  11. Hey Lil are looking rather regal today.
    Hugs to 2-2...and you Marg

  12. Lil Bit, you should have everything that makes you happy!
    Two Two, we are still sending purrs for you...

  13. haha double the cushy with box and bed.

  14. I hope the heat help sweet Two Two. Lil Bit is a cutie. XO

  15. Lil Bit. it looks like you have some very comfy sleeping places.

    Tell TwoTwo i'm still praying, to keep warm.

  16. Sending prayers and lots of hugs to Two Two... Feel better soon. Christmas is coming.

  17. still sending tons of purrs and prayers for Two Two! xoxo

  18. Lil Bit, you know how to be comfy. Continued purrs for Two Two.

  19. Lil Bit, you know how to enjoy all the good things, don't you? We bet that box is super cozy.

    We are really hoping that heating pad helps make Two Two feel less pain. Mom says disk pain is just horrible. Gentle hugs to our special girl.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  20. We've been thinking about and praying for Two Two. Lil Bit, you made our Friday!

  21. A bed in a box, how perfect.
    Hope TwoTwo gets better soon

  22. Oh, a bed in a box must be the most purrfect way to nap, Lil Bit! We are sending warm wishes to all of you, and lots of extra well wishes to Two Two!