Sunday, June 21, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

Our Mahoney girl enjoying the tree.
Mahoney having a nice easy on 
Mom's shirt
Wishing all a super Sunday.


  1. You sure look happy all snuggled in sweet Mahoney!

  2. Mahoney, we love your hang out places! Purrs and hugs!

  3. Such a sweetie. I hope you have a nice day too> XO

  4. Mahoney, you sure know how to get comfy!

  5. Awwwwww! We love seeing a happy kitty <3
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  6. Such a sweetie!!!

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

  7. Mahoney is adorable :-)
    Happy Easy Sunday xo

  8. Mahoney makes everything look more beautiful!
    Happy Father's Day to a great Kitty Mother.

  9. Hi Mahoney! You sure know how to do that easy! :)

  10. You are such a sweet Mahoney

  11. Mahoney, isn't it wonderful when you get the chance to steal your mom's clothes? The kitties here sure think so. Happy napping!

  12. Aww! so cute I could take easy lessond from her heheh!

    Have an easytastic safe week 😷😷😷

  13. Awww, Mahoney you are such a doll.

  14. Sorry I am a day late. Mahoney is a cutie. XO

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