Thanks for coming by . . .

Thanks for coming by . . .

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Bunny

Hi there, Mahoney here. Why do we have to sit with this silly pink bunny. The Person said I had to be nice if I wanted for the Easter bunny to come visit us and bring us some nice things.
Two Two here and just look at this cute bunny. He and I are really good friends. We just know he is going to bring us lots of goodie but for sure, not any chocolate.  
Just look at this, I taught the bunny to sit up.  
Please have a very fun day.
Tees just came home, Whooo Hooo. Thanks Lucy for sending him a message about getting home. Sure was good to see him. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Feral Cat Friday

Hi there, Girl kitty here and just look at this. I have to do the gardening now. It got really cold outside so all the flowers had to come into my room so they wouldn't get killed by the cold. It is kind of fun to have pretty flowers in here, as long as I don't have to do the weeding. 
I think I will have a little snack and then get back to my gardening. The word is that the plants are going back outside. I am kind of sad about that but I still have a couple that stay in here all the time. 
Don't forget to remind all your friends to remind their friends to get their animals spayed and neutered. Another  thing that you can do is help with a TNR program and that is where you Trap feral kitties, then get them neutered and then return them to their place where they live. There are lots of organizations that will help you to do this. 
Have yourselves a really good day.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

More cat Parade.

Hi there, everyone should know me by now. Two Two here and I am between 2 and 3 years old. I was wandering around on the road and went into the Person's friends driveway just a screaming. So of course they called the Person, and she told them if they could get me into a carrier, that she could come here. So I arrived at the Person's house five minutes later. Mahoney and I formed a great friendship since we are around the same age. I do stay in all the time. I do love to play a lot.
Hi there, Lucky here, and I wandered around in the woods in back of the Persons yard for two to three weeks when I finally decided to go introduce myself.  The Person here, when Lucky came, he had all kinds of sores on him which looked like some cat had beaten him up pretty good. He was very tame when he came but he also got really sick and had some kind of immune disease and had to have shots once a month since his red cells went way down. But he is just fine now.My guess he is around 10 years old but I really don't have any idea.
Hi there, Missy here, and I used to live next door. I lived over there with another cat called Greyson but he got cancer and the Person had to send him to the bridge. The people that lived there just moved away leaving us. The Person brought me over to the house and it took me a long time to get used to the cats in the house but I am very comfortable now. I am probably 10 or 11 years old. I do go outside and sit on the back porch when the weather is really nice. 
The cat parade is over for this week. But there will be more next week and not to worry the donkeys want to be in the parade too. It is time for Easter.
Hope everyone has a marvelous day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Cat parade (Roll Call)

Hi there Black here. I am probably 4 or 5 years old along with my sister Tabatha, and two brothers, Spit and Khaki. A neighbor down the street from us called since the Person is the Cat Lady in this neighborhood and told her that they found four kittens under the hood of their car and could the Person please take them. At first she said NO, she couldn't afford any more cats. So then she called them back and said, if they paid for all the food and spaying etc., she would take care of them.  SO we arrived here a few minutes later as little tiny kittens. And those nice people still bring us food.
Hi there Spit here and I am Black's brother. When I arrived as a tiny little kitten, and we were put in the famous bathroom, every time the Person came in the bathroom, I would spit like crazy at her. She just wasn't going to touch me. But I am a good boy now. I do have a kink in my tail and have had it forever. I stay outside all the time, mainly on the porch. Black goes in and out.  
Hi there, Khaki here and I am the brother of Spit and Black. I am a very unusual color and am a big boy and a nice cat. But I am very bossy and don't let anyone mess with me. I stay outside most of the time. I would love to come inside in the cold weather but I am a norty boy and sometimes pee in the house so the Person doesn't let me in unless she can watch me. I mainly live in the barn.  

Hi there, Tabatha here and I am the sister in our little family. I grew up to be a big cat and I too am afraid of other cats. I will come inside when the weather is bad and try to find a private place to have a nice long nap. 
That is all for today and if everyone can stand it, there will be more of us tomorrow. We don't expect any of you to keep us all straight. The Person has trouble keeping us straight. 

We sure hope all of you have a fantastic day. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Cat parade

Hi there, Mister here and I am the oldest cat here. I am probably around 15 years old. I moved with the Person when she moved up here from Charleston. I love to be outside but stay in my nice bathroom during cold or bad weather. I am still the boss around here. When I go to the door to go outside, I growl  all the way to the door just to make sure all the cats in here keep their respect for me.
 Hi there, BG here and I am probably around three years old. I just wandered in here one day and just started eating on the porch. I didn't pay any attention if the other cats tried to push me away. I was really skinny and hungry when I came. As you can see, I haven't missed many meals. I like to come in the house but those inside cats are quite bossy. So I stay outside most of the time.

Hi there, Mew Mew here and I am about 7 years old. I arrived here as a screaming little tiny kitten with very matted long hair. I yelled and yelled and the Person talked to me for a long time and so I stayed especially since she produced some nice food. It took me about six months for me to let her touch me. I hate other cats so I stay outside although I would really love to stay in the house in bad weather but it isn't going to happen. 
Hi there, Girl Kitty here and I was the very first kitty to move in when the Person moved in here.I am probably some where around 13 years old. I was very feral and it took many moons for me to even let her to touch him. When I was a tiny kitten, a horse stepped on my hind leg and so I have a bad leg but I get around pretty well. As most everyone knows, I just got to move into by very own room in the house and I love it.
Hi there, Little Bit here and I am around 3 or 4 years old. I arrived here to be a foster cat. I was hit by a car before I came and had to have part of my hip bone removed so I cannot go outside. Also when I came I was a feral kitty. So of course the Person was so nervous about someone else getting me and then putting me back in a shelter. So I got to stay here. I am still a little feral but let the Person scratch me. 
So there are five more. That makes eleven. Only 12 to go unless Tees comes home. Then it will be 13. Tees has been gone for 8 days now.
Thanks everyone for reading all about our family. We sure hope all of you have a terrific day.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Parade of cats

Mahoney here, and I am Maggie's daughter. The Person found me when I was about 4 weeks old. I stay inside just because the Person wants to protect me since I had such a bad start to life. I am between 2 and 3 years old. I have never been outside since I was such a tiny baby.

Maggie here.. I am Mahoney's Mom and the Person trapped me over at that bad house, and I was pretty darn feral but now I am tame and welcome strangers. I stay inside all the time since I have no desire to go outside
 LG here, and I have been here since September and I am probably just a year old. I stay inside and out and love people. I am very tame. 

Little Momma here and I have only been here a couple of months. I am probably only one year old or maybe a little more.I am a tiny little thing. I have just learned to stay inside but I still go outside a lot.  

Tip Tail and you can see the tip on my tail here in this picture. I am LG's sister and I am just a year old. I stay both inside and outside but am happy either place. 

LB here and I am Tip Tail and LG's brother. I look a lot like our Mother, Little Momma, but I am twice as big as she is. I stay outside a lot but come in once in a while. 

That is just the beginning of the parade. There will be lots more in a day or two. Just thought everyone would like to meet all the members of our large family. 
We sure do wish everyone a fantastic day. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

Hi there, Mister here just having a really nice easy on the cat sofa on the porch. It is so nice to be able to have our easy outside now with the weather being a lot warmer.
We did have on chilly morning so LB on the left and LG on the right cuddled up on the blanket that the Person put out here for us on our Porch.
Hi there, Split here all curled up on this tiny little deal but I find it comfy.
Everyone have a really nice Easy Sunday.